Learning Guide


If your psychiatrist prescribes medications for your symptoms, be sure to ask questions regarding any issues about which you are unsure.  If you do forget something, write it down and call to ask about it.

Your doctor will discuss with you the name, dosage and schedule of the medicine being prescribed.  Make sure that you understand exactly what the medication is for.  Side effects and the expected length of time that you can expect to be on the medication should also be clarified.  Make sure that you tell your doctor about any other medication you are taking so as to avoid medication interactions.  Medications of any type, prescribed, over-the-counter, or borrowed should never be mixed without consulting the doctor.

Most medications have some side effects.  Depending on the specific medication, side effects may include weight changes, nausea or other stomach upset, tremor or anxiety, reduced sex drive, movement problems or dry mouth.  Remember to tell the doctor about any and all side effects that you experience during.  He or she may want to adjust the dosage or offer an alternative.

People are often tempted to stop medications too soon.  They may feel better and think that they no longer need the medication.  Or, they may assume, especially early in treatment, that the medication is “not working.”

Lastly, follow your doctor’s orders exactly.  Your medication should not be changed or stopped without consulting the doctor for instructions.


You fill generally find that your doctor times your refills to be consistent with your needed follow-up visits.  However, there will be times when you will need to contact our office to request a prescription refill.  Please call the doctor’s psychiatric assistant or use the online refill request form to request a refill of any medication.  Before the doctor can refill your medication, you will need to have a follow-up appointment scheduled.

Because your doctor will need to have your medical record available, please contact our office during regular business hours.

Whether you request a refill online or by phone, we will require your name and phone number, the name, dosage and directions on the prescription bottle and the date of your last visit with your doctor.  Our psychiatrists are unable to refill prescriptions written by physicians outside of Affiliates in Behavioral Health.