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All information discussed in your treatment sessions will remain confidential and will not be revealed without your written permission unless one of the following exceptions applies:
  • If you indicate to us that you intend to seriously harm yourself or someone else, we must act to notify potential helpers or victims;
  • If a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or molestation exists, we are obligated to inform authorities;
  • If you make your psychological status an issue in a court of law, or if your treatment records are subpoenaed, your clinician may be legally obligated to disclose aspects of your assessment and therapy to the court;
  • Your clinician needs to consult with another professional about your treatment; In this case, your name and other identifying information will not be revealed;
  • If you are a minor, we are legally obligated to keep your parent or guardian informed of your progress.
  • If the patient is a minor, both residential and non-residential parents, unless prohibited by court order, have rights to the minor's treatment information. Bear in mind that such information can be released to the non-residential parent unless you provide the treating clinician(s) with written documentation that such access is to be legally restricted. To comply with the law and to protect the best interests of your child, please bring your clinician a copy of the Court's most recent journal entry relative to your child's custody and parenting plan. Regardless of the parent's arrangement regarding health care expenses, our office expects that the adult who brings the child in to the appointment will be responsible for payment of services at the time they are rendered.