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We schedule office visits by appointment only. To schedule your first appointment, you may begin the process by calling our Intake and Scheduling Department at (216)520-5969. Appointments are generally available in less than 2 or 3 weeks.

Because our goal is to offer you the best match between your clinical needs, geography, insurance, preferences and schedule, it will help to have all of your information available when you speak with our intake and scheduling staff.

So that we can better serve your needs, try to make your follow-up appointments while in the office, either before or after you see your clinician. If you need a specific appointment time, it is often helpful to schedule several appointments in advance. If you call to make or change an appointment, please call within normal business hours.  You may also place a cancellation by phone.  Please be aware that we have late cancellation policy and if you cancel your appointment in less that one business day (Mon to Fri) there may be a charge.  Affiliates reserves the right not to reschedule first appointments that are broken without such notice.

If you call our office and feel that you have an urgent matter which cannot wait, tell the person who answers the call that the matter is urgent. We will make every attempt to offer you an appointment as quickly as possible.